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Nuwerus, Bitterfontein, Kliprand, Rietpoort, Molsvlei, Stofkraal

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Rietpoort, a Roman Catholic mission station, is situated between huge granite boulders. The church can be viewed on request, mass is said three times a day and visitors are welcomed. The first missionary, Father Van’t Westeinde stayed in a cave, which can visited, whilst the church was under construction.

In Putsekloof, which is just on the other side of the hill from Rietpoort, an ancient rock art site, of shamanistic origins can be seen. Interesting is the fact that the first church services at Putsekloof was held on the same site before a church building existed.

The original well, after which Putsekloof was named, is still functioning and can be viewed. The granite boulder strewn area, with wild fig trees clinging to the rock, offers some beautiful walks,dotted with several caves where one can rest in the shade.

Handcraft: The traditional bonnets are still made by hand in Putsekloof, while the Rietpoort Textile Painting Group, manufactures beautifully decorated items.

Cultural: Performances by the Roman Singers can be arranged as well as storytelling evenings.