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Nuwerus, Bitterfontein, Kliprand, Rietpoort, Molsvlei, Stofkraal

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Hardeveld Multi-purpose
Tourism Centre

Tel: 027 - 6427335
Fax: 027 - 6427334

Hardeveld Lodge:
Alta: 074-190-7266 (Afr & Eng)
Herwig: 083-582-0574 (German)



Nuwerus forms the southern entrance to the Hardeveld. It is home to some attractive examples of Victorian architecture and boasts the only complete corrugated iron house in the country. The beautiful old Dutch Reformed Church is also worth a visit. The ideal way to view the buildings is simply to start walking from the entrance of the village zigzagging through the streets, about an hour’s walk. This way you can also experience the rural quality of the village, you will find horses, sheep, geese and chickens in a number of little paddocks at the back of houses. The local people are friendly and will gladly answer your questions if engaged.

The Môreson Senior Citizen’s Club also manufacture quality handcraft, ranging from solid baking tins to riempies chairs. At the Nuwerus Liggies Project , a community-based projects, handmade candles are manufactured. Both these projects are open to visitors and goods can be viewed and bought.

Read here how Nuwerus got its name.


Nuwerus is easily accessible, situated right next to the N7 between Cape Town and Namibia, about 370 km north of Cape Town and 330 km south of the Orange River. Alternatively it can be reached by travelling from Lutzville on the R27 and taking the Nuwerus/Bitterfontein turnoff.


Nuwerus offers two guest houses, Oppiekoffie and Hardeveld Lodge, as well as homestays. Farm accommodation is available outside of Nuwerus. For farm accommodation and home stays, contact the Hardeveld Tourism Centre:
Tel: 027 - 6427335

For Oppiekoffie, contact 027-6432026.

For Hardeveld Lodge, contact 074-190-7266.

Hardeveld Lodge