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Nuwerus, Bitterfontein, Kliprand, Rietpoort, Molsvlei, Stofkraal

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Hardeveld Multi-purpose
Tourism Centre

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Molsvlei & Stofkraal


The rural way of life still reigns in Stofkraal and Molsvlei. Almost every house has an outside clay oven for baking the famous “soetsuurdeeg” bread of the area, donkey carts are still a frequently used method of transport and goat- and sheep farming are the main activities. Herders walking with their flocks are often spotted on the hillsides. There are some beautiful walks around these two villages and a number of local people, knowledgeable about the veld and medicinal plants, that will accompany visitors on walks.

Donkey cart rides can be booked in advance as well as performances by the Molsvlei Drama Group. Evenings with storytelling, music and dancing can also be arranged.



Accommodation is available in the form of homestays in Stofkraal and Molsvlei. Contact the Hardeveld Tourism Centre for details:
Tel: 027 - 6427335