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Nuwerus, Bitterfontein, Kliprand, Rietpoort, Molsvlei, Stofkraal

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Hardeveld Multi-purpose
Tourism Centre

Malinda Gardiner
Tel: 027 - 6427335
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Visit the Miershoop restaurant at the Bitterfontein information centre, for the only espresso or cappuchino between Clanwilliam and Springbok. We also do traditional meals and make delicious home baked cakes.
Contact Fiona, Therisa or Sara at 027-6427335

Mara's Guest House: 027-6427438
Dawn Ridge Guest House:  027-6427451
Dunrovin Guest House:  027-6427483

Malindas Backpackers
Tel: 0738798761 or



The railway line from Cape Town, stops at Bitterfontein. It is this railway line that is used to ship the hundreds of blocks of green granite, the only of its kind in the world, that is mined near Bitterfontein. Being too far from both the Olifants- and the Orange River, Bitterfontein gets its water from a desalination plant, the first one in the southern hemisphere. The water is sourced from saline boreholes and then desalinated through a process of reverse osmosis. The desalination plant can be visited on appointment, where the process will be explained.

At the Boerewinkel, an old fashioned general dealer, goods like “skuinskoek” (a local confection), guitar strings, pipes,Trilby hats, free range eggs and often vegetables like pumpkins and sweet potatoes grown locally, can be bought.

The Bitterfontein Traditional Dance Group is a community-based project that trained local learners in dances like the reel and can be booked for performances.

The Knersvlakte

The Knersvlakte, part of the Succulent Karoo Hotspot, is home to more than 1300 species of which in excess of 200 is endemic to the area. The vegetation consists of tiny succulents, also called “stoneplants”, no more than 10 cm high, growing on the quartz plains. These can be viewed on guided tours, either on walks or by mountain bike.

A number of secondary roads into the area, starts off at Bitterfontein. Along these various species of birds, and specifically raptors can be viewed. The area is habitat to Martial eagles, pale chanting goshawk, black-breasted snake-eagle, peregrine falcons, spotted eagle owl, and many more. During night-drives, that can be undertaken with permission from private land-owners, a variety of animals like Cape honey badger, black-backed jackall, Cape silver fox, aardwolf, suricate, bat-eared fox and a number of other species, can be seen.  


Bitterfontein is situated immediately on the N7 between Cape Town and Namibia, 383 km from Cape Town and 318 from the Orange River.


Bitterfontein offers a variety of accommodation in the form of guest houses, home stays, a backpackers facility and a hotel.

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Home Stays:

Contact the Hardeveld Tourism information Centre
Tel: 027 - 6427335